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Over the years, pouches have become increasingly popular within the food and beverage industry. Snacking and on-the-go, single-serve food and drink packaging are becoming more and more popular in our society today. According to the MarketsandMarkets Research Firm, because of the increasing demand for lightweight and compact packaging, the pouch market reached $42.13 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow roughly 5% each year after. From juice pouches and bags of pretzels, to dog food and alcoholic beverages, lightweight pouches are becoming the preferred packaging solution for many food and beverage manufacturers because of their lower shipping costs. And because pouches come in all different shapes and sizes, each drying application requires its own unique and custom-engineered solution.

Paxton Products offers a variety of solutions that can be integrated into your current pouch drying system to improve your overall drying performance and the quality of your pouches. Our team of Application Engineers will work alongside you to determine how and where Paxton Products can help improve your pouch drying operations. The process starts with defining your conveyor speed, the orientation of pouches as they travel down the conveyor, single- or multi-lane, pouch size, position of gusset(s), and much more. Paxton Products does not offer a pouch hold-down mechanism. The end user would be responsible for anchoring the pouches throughout the drying process.

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  • Thoroughly dries the tops and bottoms of pouches
  • Eliminates oversaturated pouches and damaged secondary packaging
  • Available in single- or multi-lane applications
  • More accurate weighing
  • Improved ink printing on pouches for date coding
  • Prevents bacterial growth and corrosion within gussets
  • Full integration with outside supplier technology

Available Solutions:

  • PX-Series Centrifugal Air Blowers: belt-driven, high efficiency centrifugal air blower that can be combined with Paxton's Air Delivery Devices to effectively and efficiently dry pouches
    • All of Paxton's high efficiency PX-Series Centrifugal Air Blowers come with an industry-leading Three-Year Warranty
  • Air Delivery Devices: made of 304 Stainless Steel, can be custom-engineered to meet all application specifications and pouch sizes
    • Air Knives: provide a continuous, high efficiency stream of air across the top and bottom of pouches to provide effective drying
    • Nozzle Manifold: can be used to specifically target the gusset(s) of pouches
    • Spyder Manifold: features flexible, 'spider-like' nozzle-arms that can easily adjust to target the gusset(s) of pouches when water gets trapped
  • Enclosures:
    • Centrifugal Blower Enclosures: during pouch washdown, Paxton's blower enclosures protect your centrifugal air blower from water, dirt, & other environmental factors - while also significantly reducing noise levels
    • Air Delivery Device Enclosures: designed to keep excess water contained within the enclosure when pouches are beingdries to eliminate any issues due to wet, slippery production room floors
  • Pouch Hold-Down Mechanism not offered by Paxton Products at this time



Drying the Fin Seal on Pouches of Pharmaceutical Tubing Prior to Packaging

A packaging company in San Juan needed to remove excess water from the fin seal of pouches or pharmaceutical tubing. If not properly removed, it can lead to rusting and leaking both during, and after the packaging process. Read this case study to see how the Paxton Products team was able to help by installing a custom-engineered Air Knife Drying System.

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