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Sustainable by Design



Blow Air Smarter


Still Using Compressed Air?

  • 80-90% of the energy used with compressed air is used to compress and transport the air to the site where it is needed. If you are drying your air before compression, even more energy is wasted. With Paxton's PX-Series Centrifugal Air Blowers, all of the energy is used in drying and blow off. 
  • Paxton's PX-Series Centrifugal Blowers deliver a higher volume of air per kW of energy to dry and blow off faster and more efficiently.
  • Paxton Products custom-engineers air delivery devices for your specific application so the right volume of air is directed wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you're drying the tops, sides, or the entirety of products, Paxton Products has an Air Delivery Device that can effectively hit your target.


Still Using Regen, Squirrel Cage or Other Centrifugal Blowers?

  • Paxton's PX-Series Centrifugal Air Blowers are engineered to be more efficient than competitor blowers. When coupled with a custom-engineered Air Delivery Device, a Paxton Products air system can reduce energy by about 50%.
  • Paxton Products centrifugal air blowers operate cooler - meaning that heat generated by a blower is energy wasted. Paxton's blower design results in a blower that operates 20°F cooler than competitor blowers. 
  • Paxton's PX-Series Centrifugal Air Blowers use a belt technology that reduces friction. Lower friction means less energy usage and longer belt life - reducing maintenance and downtime in the long run. The state-of-the-art impeller design of Paxton's PX-Series Blowers generates more airflow at lower blower speeds -  again, reducing energy usage, maintenance, and downtime for your plant.
  • Air Delivery Systems are custom-engineered to minimize pressure drop - thus maximizing blower performance and minimizing energy usage.



Energy Savings


Maximum Efficiency:
  • 20-30% more efficient than other centrifugal air blowers
  • 5-10 hp savings when switching to Paxton's PX-Series Centrifugal Blowers
  • $2-4k savings per years vs. other air blowers

More Energy Efficient:
  • 80-90% of the energy used by air compressors is wasted
  • Blowers use only 20% of the energy that compressed air uses
  • Return on Investment = less than 1 year

Water Conservation:
  • 5.6 million gallons of water saved per year on a 1400 cpm line
  • 15% reduction in water usage ratio (as reported by large bottling company)
  • Over $20,000 annual savings in sewer costs (as reported by a craft brewer) 



3 Fan Nozzles 3 hp Centrifugal Blower with 10 Nozzles
75 cfm @ 80 psi 300 cfm @ 1 psi
Energy Usage = $9,893 per year Energy Usage = $1,063 per year
Total Energy Savings = $8,830 per year