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Paxton Products Helps Doughnut Manufacturer Eliminate Compressed Air

A food manufacturer specializing in the production of doughnuts reached out to Paxton Products for help with its food processing operations – more specifically, its conveying processes. Read this case study to see how the Paxton Products team was able to help the client eliminate compressed air and solve its problems with its 304 Stainless Steel Air Knives.

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Down to the Wire: Paxton's Stainless Steel Air Knives Reduce Costs & Downtime for Wire Manufacturer

An industry leading wire manufacturer located in India reached out to a Paxton Products Distributor for help with its wire manufacturing processes - specifically the Extrusion process. Continue reading to see how the Paxton Products team was able to successfully install a series of Stainless Steel Air Knives for the manufacturer in order to reduce downtime and compressed air costs. 

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Come Home to Quality

Paxton’s custom-designed air delivery device solution blows debris off vinyl siding

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Drier Days ahead when using a Paxton Blower

A shrink sleeving company contacts Paxton to remove liquid from bottles.

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Bring Home the Bacon!

Paxton’s custom-designed air delivery device solution blows grease off bacon strips.

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Paxton’s Air Solution outpowers bakery debris

Paxton’s custom-designed air solution blows off grease-infused debris from baking pans.

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Worry Less Paddle More

Paxton’s custom-designed air delivery device system removes debris from paddles to ease the labeling process.

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Packaging Issue? Not a Match for Paxton’s Air Solution

An international packaging company contacts Paxton to remove liquid from packaged meat prior to secondary packaging.

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TOO much H2O? Not a problem!

Paxton Products helps a multinational corporation to eliminate excessive moisture and labeling machine downtime with Paxton's own CapDryer system.

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Paxton's PX-Series Reigns in Superior Drying

A Privately-Owned Food Manufacturer replaces competitor blowers for a more efficient Centrifugal Air Blower and Air Delivery Device from Paxton Products.

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