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Understanding the Impact of Air Technology

The efficient and effective use of air during production and packaging is the secret ingredient helping successful beverage manufacturers gain an edge over the competition, in better product quality, reduced energy and production costs, and improved sustainability. Air technology has been used throughout the development and growth of the beverage industry; and now the latest evolutions in air technology offer tools which help cut production costs and give companies the edge they need to maintain and build market share. Read this White Paper to learn more about the impact that Air Technology has on energy efficiency and product quality in the beverage industry.

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Sound Levels: for Paxton PX-Series Blowers with NEMA blowers measured with and without Polypropylene Enclosures

Paxton's PX-Series Centrifugal Blowers are designed for a wide variety of industrial manufacturing environments. Read this White Paper to learn more about how your plant can benefit from Paxton's industry-leading blowers.

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Why Pairing Paxton’s Blower and Air Knives is Important

Not correctly pairing your blower and air delivery device correctly can impact your systems performance and efficiency. Read this White Paper to learn more about the importance of pairing a Paxton Products centrifugal blower to a Paxton Products Air Knife.

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How Temperature and Altitude can Affect your Blower?

Altitude and temperature have a direct effect on the system pressure and horsepower (hp) required to operate a high efficiency centrifugal blower. Read this White Paper to learn more about the direct effects temperature and altitude can have on the system and the amount of horsepower required to operate your blower.

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Recommended Maintenance & Storage: of Paxton Blowers/Motors that will Not Be Placed into Service for at Least 6 Months from Date of Shipment

If you have a Paxton Products centrifugal blower that will not be be placed into service for at least 6 months from the date of shipment, our team recommends that your plant carries out the following restart procedures:

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Recommended Maintenance: of Paxton Blower/Motors that will be Restarted After Being Idled for a Month (or more)

If you have a Paxton Products centrifugal blower that has been idled for some time, and you are now ready to restart your processes, read this White Paper to see what restart procedures Paxton Products recommends for a successful restart.

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Maximize Fluid Power

The most important performance measurement of an air delivery system is the amount of Fluid Power available at the air delivery device. To maximize Fluid Power, it is necessary to minimize pressure drop between the blower and the air delivery device by using the correct piping and piping configuration. This White Paper gives the best practices for piping, and instructs you on how to calculate pressure drop correctly. 

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