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Blower Heads

All high speed rotating equipment will eventually fail, due to normal wear of seals and bearings. Paxton blower heads come with an Industry best 3 year warranty program for new blower heads.

  • New blower heads typically ship in 1 to 2 days. But, at no extra charge for the head, blower heads can ship same day just by paying upgraded shipping
  • All replacement blower heads are fully tested and must pass strict quality tests for balancing and vibration, ensuring the highest reliability. Each blower head ships with a documented performance test.
  • Paxton evaluates all returned blower heads, and if there is a preventable issue, our Service Department or one of our Engineers will contact you.
  • Paxton is committed to customers, and supports replacement blower heads for 10 years after the blower series has become obsolete, superseded by a new generation of blowers.


Paxton also offers remanufactured blower heads.

  • All remanufactured blower heads have all new “reliability” components, ensuring the highest reliability. Reliability components include the Bearing Housing, ABEC 7 Angular Contact Bearings, Seals, Shaft, and Pulley. No damaged parts or cosmetically compromised parts are ever used.


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