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Fast, effective blow off is critical to maintaining production rates. Paxton Air Systems not only blows off fast, but enhances the quality by eliminating oils & scales associated with compressed air. And Paxton Air Systems use 1/5 the energy of compressed air. Paxton Products delivers the highest quality, lowest energy usage, and are sustainable by design.

  • Increased line speeds
  • Reduced energy usage by as much as 80%


Paxton Products Used:
Other Applications:
  • Tires
  • Water blow off
  • Vinyl siding
  • After wash or rinse
  • Coated wire
  • After coating
  • PVC Piping
  • Blow off oils & sealants
  • Plastic sheets
  • Blow off dust & debris
  • Metal rods
  • Blow off chemicals
  • Films
  • Pre-packaging














Injection Molding travels along conveyor belt

Wire Blow Off

A wire manufacturer located in India is having issues with a cleaning solution adhering to the wire and ending up on the final rolled product. 

Not only does this cause quality issues, but the cost of the lost cleaning solution is expensive.  They have improvised a crude system of crimped pipes and compressed air along with mechanical wipers to reduce the “carry over” of the solution.  The compressed air nozzles they use require approximately 150 CFM @ 60 PSI. 

Their improved solution carries a high price tag in energy costs, requiring 25 hp of compressed air. The compressed air also takes a toll on air pressure in the plant, causing their compressor to run continuously. This in turn drives up their maintenance costs and it puts on strain on the rest of the plant’s operations.

Paxton will engineer a system that delivers 850 CFM @ 2.2 PSI  that will have an estimated ROI of around 2 years based on energy savings alone. In addition to this, the wire manufacturer will save money due to reduced compressed air expense.

Machine Oil Blow Off

Machining Oil Blow Off

Machining Company blows a light layer of oil off a two-inch-tall machined cylindrical part. The cycle time process takes about 1 minute per part and they also use an AC drive to slow down the process to prevent start and stopping the motor every minute.

The Machining Company was originally using compressed air nozzles for their blow off. They were looking for a solution that would prevent the line from stopping and starting constantly. The Machining Company came to Paxton Products requesting the use of a XT-300 in hopes of solving its drying issue. Paxton was able to provide a better solution with a PX-300 with stainless steel air manifolds, to increase the company’s efficiency by approximately 13%.

Nichols Aluminum
Sumitomo Electric
Cooper Tire
Crane Group
Goodyear Tire