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Do you tend to have a hard time ensuring that your construction products are completely rid of any excess liquids or debris before distributing them? Does this keep you from achieving a finished state for your products? If so, Paxton Products is here to provide you with drying and blow off solutions that will ensure your products meet all customer expectations.



  • Increased Line Speeds
  • Decreased labor and hours
  • Decreased number of quality rejects
  • Reduced energy costs by nearly 80%
  • Backed by a full, three-year warranty


Paxton Products Used: 

  • PX-Series Centrifugal Blower System - used with air delivery devices to blow off, dry, and convey
    • Can be configured with blowers ranging from 3 - 20 hp
    • Blowers can be configured with Variable Frequency Drives to easily adjust and adapt to varying product sizes
  • Nozzle Manifolds - used when the targeted surface is more than five inches away from the air source; or for irregular shapes and products that have nooks, crannies, and holes
    • Can be configured for lengths ranging from six inches to 10 feet (15 centimeters - 3.5 meters)
    • Can be configured with a wide variety of different nozzle configurations and sizes in order to target specific, hard to reach areas
  • Air Knives - provide a continuous stream of air across the targeted surface
    • Available in both 304 Stainless Steel and Aluminum
    • Can be configured for lengths ranging from six inches to 10 feet (15 centimeters - 3.5 meters)
  • Spyder Manifolds (if necessary) - used to dry sides, tips, holes, or any other hard-to-reach spots, spyder manifolds combine inline nozzles with 'spyder-like' arms that flex to fit any position and can quickly adjust to different shapes and sizes
    • Available in both Polyethylene and Stainless Steel
    • Can be configured to three different sizes


Other Applications:

  • Vinyl Siding - drying after washing
  • Threaded Pipe - blowing off liquid and Cutting Fluid after cutting


Vinyl Siding - Drying After Washing

A building materials manufacturer on the East Coact suspends 17'' wide vinyl siding to be blown off, washed, and dried, but while compressed air was being used, the manufacturer wanted to replace it due to the high energy costs and issues with capacity. The main concern of the manufacturer was the amount of water left on the vinyl due to the surface's hard-to-reach areas that could result in product rejects and delays in production.

The Paxton was able to replace the compressed air with six 15 hp PX-1550 centrifugal blower systems, each powering two air knives and two air manifolds. With their extensive knowledge and experience, the Paxton Products Application Engineers were able to precisely analyze the best placement for each air delivery device and reduce energy costs by 80%. Contact Paxton Products today! 

 Replacing Water Rinser with Ionized Air Rinsing Solution

Replacing Water Rinser with Ionized Air Rinsing Solution

A brewery uses a water rinser for their cans in order to remove any debris from the can before filling it. Every canning company must go through this process, but this brewery company realized a significant increase in their water usage and expense. The brewery reached out to a colleague about their issue and found out about Paxton Ionized Air Rinsing solution. Paxton proposed a replacement of water rinsing to ionized air rinsing which will not only save on the cost of water and water disposal but also on the efficiency of removing debris from the can.

Bottle Drying

Drying Bottles of Varied Sizes

A Bottle manufacturer dries the tops of PET bottles ranging in size from 6 – 12 oz. The bottles are already labeled and dated coded. Similar to other bottling manufacturers, this manufacturer main focus is to remove water from the top and the center of the bottles before labeling. Currently, the manufacturer is using compressed air and off brand sypder arm solution.

The Paxton team was able to replace their compressed air usage with a 15hp blower running the CapDryer System, which has an adjustable mounting arm to cater to the different bottle sizes. With this solution in place the manufacturer will see fewer rejects and increased production speeds.