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Bottling & Canning

Paxton has served the canning and bottling industry for more than half a century; and understands the importance of drying technology for enhancing speed and productivity in bottling and canning facilities, while ensuring the highest product quality. All of Paxton systems are custom-engineered to meet the specific needs of our clients: the package size and type, the line configuration and speed and the quality standards. Paxton Air Systems are configured for line speeds as low as 30 bpm up to over 1200 cpm.


  • Reduced energy consumption (and costs) by eliminating compressed air -> Paxton blowers use only 20% of the energy that an air compressor does
  • Avoid mold growth on Labelers and the corrosion of the bottle carousel
  • Improved product quality due to removal of residual liquid and complete drying of cans
  • Reduced risk of microbiological growth caused by moisture in water rinsing
  • Improved production floor safety due to CapDryer and CanDryer water containment


Paxton Products Used:
  • Air Knives -> Available in Aluminum and 304 Stainless Steel, Paxton Air Knives feature a continuous, uninterrupted air slot design that delivers uniform air coverage over targeted areas with a standard gap setting of 0.055 inches
    • 304 Stainless Steel construction of Air Knives enable them to withstand the harsh detergents and chemicals used in washdown facilities
  • CapDryer -> an all-in-one drying manifold used for targeted drying of the bottle cap, neck, and throat of bottles ranging from 8 oz - 3 liters to improve the quality of coding, tamper branding, labeling, and vision system results
  • CanDryer -> all-in-one manifold designed to dry 8–24 oz cans, replacing conventional air knives and nozzles with an all-in-one manifold to improve drying while enhancing usability and production floor safety
  • Nozzle Manifold -> air manifold that features individual nozzles to provide targeted air flow for drying and/or blowing air into or on the surface of products to target pain points
  • Ionizing Rinsing Systems -> efficiently removes particulates, dirt, and debris from surfaces without the need for water; designed to dissipate the static charges that cause debris to adhere to surfaces, and then air blasts them away using ultra-efficient, blower-driven air
  • PX-Series Centrifugal Blower - belt-driven, centrifugal blower
  • Centrifugal Blower Enclosures -> constructed of polypropylene, used to protect your centrifugal blower from water, dirt, and other environmental factors in production facilities


Other Applications:
  • Drying bottles prior to labeling
  • Drying bottles prior to shrink sleeving
  • Drying the sides and the seam area of beer cans after washdown, prior to packaging
  • Air rinsing the inside of soda cans prior to filling (using ionized air)
  • Drying cans prior to packaging








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Case Studies


Drying Bottles Prior to Shrink Sleeving


Drying Bottles Prior to Shrink Sleeving

A metal tube manufacturer was using compressed air to dry metal tubing prior to ink jet printing but was having quality issues and wanted to reduce their energy consumption. Read this case study to see how Paxton's Air Knives and PX-Series Centrifugal Blowers were able to help.

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Air Rinsing Cans Prior to Filling


Air Rinsing Soda Cans with Ionized Air Prior to Filling

The world's largest tire manufacturing facility, Goodyear Tires, was having trouble with older drying technology slowing down the production line when trying to dry tires during production. Read this case study to see how Paxton's belt-driven, Centrifugal Air Blowers were able to help.

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Drying Cans Prior to Packaging with CanDryer


After washdown, Drying the Seam & Sides of Cans Prior to Packaging

A leading wire manufacturer in India was having issues with its cleaning solution adhering to the wire and remaining on the final rolled products. Read this case study to see how Paxton Products was able to help resolve their issues.

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