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Food Processing & Packaging

Whether you're drying, cleaning, conveying, or blowing-off, food processors and packagers heavily rely on Paxton Products' PX-Series Centrifugal Air Blowers and Air Delivery Devices to improve their packaging processes and production lines. Paxton's Air Delivery Devices and Air Systems can be configured to meet all of your unique production specifications and requirements.


  • Avoid secondary packaging issues (due to grease not being fully removed from food products)
  • Reduced energy consumption (and costs) by eliminating compressed air -> Paxton blowers use only 20% of the energy that an air compressor does
  • Avoid oxidation of cans by effectively removing all water from cans the first time they're dried
  • Prevent corrosion from frequent washdown sanitation processes
  • Improved product quality from eliminating the potential for water and/or oil contamination caused by compressed air
  • Reduced risk of microbiological growth caused by moisture in water rinsing


Paxton Products Used:
  • PowerDry™ Drying System -> Paxton's patented drying system developed as an energy saving alternative to compressed air. It's a complete, ready-to-use unit that efficiently delivers substantial air power to replace several blow-off devices and can be adapted to a variety of drying applications
    • Configure your system with either an Inline Manifold or a Spyder Manifold to ensure that you're reaching maximum versatility in your drying operations
  • Air Knives -> Available in Aluminum and 304 Stainless Steel, Paxton Air Knives feature a continuous, uninterrupted air slot design that delivers uniform air coverage over targeted areas with a standard gap setting of 0.055 inches
    • 304 Stainless Steel construction of Air Knives enable them to withstand the harsh detergents and chemicals used in washdown facilities
  • Nozzle Manifold -> air manifold that features individual nozzles to provide targeted air flow for drying and/or blowing air into or on the surface of products to target pain points
  • Inline Manifold -> designed to thoroughly dry the tops of cans prior to date coding and/or packaging. Includes adjustable nozzles to pinpoint the exact location on cans, or other products, that's causing difficulties during the date coding process.
  • PX-Series Centrifugal Blower - belt-driven, centrifugal blower
  • Centrifugal Blower Enclosures -> constructed of polypropylene, used to protect your centrifugal blower from water, dirt, and other environmental factors in production facilities.


Other Applications:
  • Conveying doughnuts through a bath of oil to cook prior to packaging
  • Blowing off grease from bacon strips prior to packaging
  • Blowing off bakery debris from pans prior to baking next batch of Sweat Treats
  • Drying packaged pork prior to secondary packaging
  • Drying plastic food crates after washing
  • Drying aseptic food packaging prior to date coding
  • Drying canned food prior to date coding








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Case Studies


Doughnut Conveying


Conveying Doughnuts in a Bath of Oil to Cook Prior to Packaging

A food manufacturer specializing in the production of doughnuts was previously using compressed air to convey doughnuts in a bath of oil to cook. Read this case study to see how Paxton's Air Knives and belt-driven Centrifugal Blowers were able to resolve the client's concerns and reduce their overall energy consumption.

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Blowing-Off Grease from Bacon Strips Prior to Packaging


Blowing-Off Grease from Bacon Strips Prior to Packaging

A pork producer and food-processing company was having trouble removing grease from bacon strips during cooking, which if not removed, can soak through and cause secondary packaging issues. Read this case study and see how the Paxton team was able to help the client resolve its issues.

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Drying Aseptic Food Packaging Prior to Date Coding


Drying Aseptic Food Packaging Prior to Date Coding

A beverage packaging plant in charge of packaging soy and milk beverages for clients was previously using compressed air to dry aseptic packaging prior to date coding. Read this case study to see how the Paxton Products team was able to help the customer transition to a new, blower-driven system and eliminate compressed air.

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