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Product Videos

Paxton Products has a wide range of products and solutions for your drying, air rinsing, or blow-off challenges. Watch the videos below to learn more about Paxton.


Video: Improve Drying Operations with Paxton's Spyder Manifold

Spyder Manifold

Video: High Efficiency Air Knives by Paxton Products

High Efficiency Air Knives

Video: Eliminate Compressed Air with Paxton's Ionizing Rinsing Systems

Ionizing Rinsing Systems

Video: High Efficiency CapDryer

High Efficiency CapDryer

Watch Video: Air Delivery Devices for Drying & Blow-Off Applications

Air Delivery Devices

PowerDry Drying System by Paxton Products

PowerDry™ Drying System


Watch Video: Pouch Dryer System by Paxton Products

Pouch Dryer System


Watch Video: Drying and Blow Off Solutions Video

Drying and Blow Off Solutions


PX-Series Centrifugal Blowers

PX-Series Centrifugal Blowers

Ionizing Rinsing System

Ionizing Rinsing Systems