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Blower Outlet Air Filtration

For sensitive applications, such as when blowing directly onto food, outlet HEPA filtration can be added to Paxton blowers. Paxton outlet filtration housings minimize pressure drop created by the filtration, to ensure optimum air power reaches the target application.

  • Extended Service Life
  • Superior Filtration

Additionally, Paxton’s new housing designs are easy to maintain: easy filter removal and gauges as indicators for maintenance. The gauge pressure kit come with one gauge to measure the output pressure of the blower, and one gauge to measure the pressure drop across the filter.

For air flows greater than 1000 cfm, two outlet air filters will be required, putting 50% of the air through each filter using the configuration shown here. Paxton outlet filtration housings are specially designed to minimize pressure drop across the system while maintaining performance.


Flow Rate Filtration Efficiency Hose Diameters
500 CFM HEPA 99% 3"
1000 CFM HEPA 99% 4"