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Bottling and Canning Videos

Paxton Products is the leader in drying solutions. Whether bottling or canning, Paxton Products provides air delivery systems that fit all types and sizes of packaging for foods and beverages. Paxton air systems combine a high speed centrifugal blower with an air delivery device matched to  product, conveyor or packaging line. Stainless steel air knives produce a consistent curtain of air across the target, while Spyder manifolds surround bottles and cans with flexible arms to direct air under the rims or caps. Inline systems focus on the top surface of bottles and cans to prepare them for inkjet coding or other processing, and nozzle manifolds thrust air up to 18 inches away for applications where you can’t get close to the surface of the bottles or cans. Paxton air systems target bottles and cans with high velocity air, shearing water or debris from their surfaces. Because Paxton systems are custom engineered for efficiency, you’ll use up to 80% less energy with a return on investment (ROI) often less than a year. Whether drying or rinsing, Paxton systems perform.

Watch the videos below to see Paxton in action drying many types and sizes of bottles and cans.


Food And Beverage Overview - Energy Savings in Food & Beverage Industry
Food and Beverage Overview
Soda Can Drying
Soda Can Drying
Soup Can Drying
Soup Can Drying
Condiment Bottle Drying
Condiment Bottle Drying using
Spyder & Aluminum Air Knives
Water Bottle Drying using Spyder Manifold
Water Bottle Drying
Bottle Drying with Spyder Manifold
Bottle Drying