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“This machine works wonders.”
- Charlie Lyver, Project Manager/Maintenance Manager

“With the kind of energy savings we experienced, the PowerDry unit paid for itself in less than a year. We’re working with Paxton now on replacing compressed air drying in other areas of the plant.”
-Canning Facility Maintenance Manager

“It does what it is supposed to do. It is nice to see a product work as advertised.”
-Pat Cell, General Manager

“The Paxton blowers not only outperform those previous installed, but they are also much quieter. And Paxton service was excellent throughout the entire process.”
-Dan Lardinois, Corporate Engineer

“A lot of times, when you get more technology in a plant, you have to pay for it with more work keeping the system running. But the PowerDry doesn’t create any extra hassles like that. This system is great, even better than we expected.”
-Daniel Dolan, Plant Engineer

“I can’t believe how well the Paxton system operates. We should have got this system a long time ago. Every month we remained with the old equipment, it’s like we were throwing money down the drain in wasted energy costs.”
-Bakery Plant Manager

“The Paxton unit is what we always thought we needed. The velocity of the air is the key. Other systems try to evaporate the water; this one blasts if off. It’s like washing a car. If you rinse it off and drive at a slow speed, the water just sits. If you drive faster, the water blows off.”
-Canning Facility Maintenance Manager

"We used to deal with a lot of wasted time and aggravation from the wet bottle problem. I wasn’t sure if that problem could be solved without an enormous and expensive piece of equipment but the PowerDry System dries them comprehensively.”
-Daniel Dolan, Plant Engineer

“The Paxton Ionizing Air Rinser has been in operation in the Buena Park plant for 5 months. There have been no quality or mechanical issues during this time, and we are very satisfied with the performance. On several occasions we have had a few follow up questions and our Paxton rep, Patrick Donovan, has come to the plant to answer all questions and verify the operation of the unit and did some extra training. So far Pepsi Buena Park is very happy with Paxton.“
-Randy Williams, Maintenance Manager