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Why is sustainability important to us?

Paxton Products prides itself in providing the best solution for your blow off and drying challenges. 

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Why does a Pulley System result in better blower performance?

Two common types of blowers are belt-driven and direct drive. Direct Drive blowers connect the blower head directly to the motor, and the motor “directly drives” the blower. Out of necessity, the blower and the motor rotate at the same speed.

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Why Paxton Products?

Learn why Paxton Products has been the industry leader for 70 years.

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When to use a nozzle manifold vs an air knife?

Paxton’s Application Engineers configure drying and blow off solutions based on your line and target specifications and their extensive knowledge of which air delivery devices are best for which application.

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The negative consequences of not taking the proper care of your Paxton blower

Paxton blowers are precision engineered to last for years and years. In fact, we frequently hear from customers whose blowers are 20 or even 30 years old, and still operational.

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When should you replace a compressed air knife with a Paxton Air System?

Due to low initial cost of compressed air knives, many facilities opt for compressed air knives when just starting out, for low line speeds, or for intermittent blow off and drying.

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Paxton Blowers "Sharpening Up" Manufacturing Lines

Paxton Products’ blow-off and drying systems is a small component of the cheese manufacturing process but play a big role in the quality of the entire product. 

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Why Choose a Paxton Belt-Driven Blower over a Direct drive Blower?

Why does Paxton Products offer a belt-driven blower, rather than a high speed direct drive blower?  The answer may surprise you. 

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